Natural Skincare

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Natural Skincare

If you prefer all-natural skincare, combine a grated apple.

With two teaspoons of honey in a small bowl.

Apply the mixture to a red, inflamed facial breakout,

And allow it to remain for fifteen minutes.

Rinse the masque off with warm water, then finish with a rinse of cool water.

The natural sugars and enzymes will reduce redness.

Advertisers would have you believing that great skin costs a fortune.

But as you have read, this is not true.

Basic skin care and health can be achieved through many ways.

Wash your face twice at night if you wear a lot of makeup.

To keep your skin clear and healthy, make sure you are getting everything off.

Use a gentle makeup remover on your face first. Afterwards, wash your face again.

If possible, use a skin rejuvenating facial cleansing product.