Granny 2D Part 1 Full Gameplay

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Granny 2D Part 1 Full Gameplay
Yes Yes! In this game you play for granny!

Welcome to the house of Granny, in which she was locked from the inside.

You need to try to get out of the house, but be careful to survive and not fall into one of the traps!

A new atmospheric horror survival game in which you have to play for Granny!

Grandma completely gone mad and does not remember her own house, in which she herself set traps for her guests!

Try to solve all the secrets and mysteries of the terrible house with the ghosts of Granny!

Be very attentive to the details and then you can unravel the mysteries of the house of horrors! Look for the keys, collect the picture, open the safe and the chest!

The key can be in the most unexpected place!

Granny tried to confuse uninvited guests!

Will Granny get out and what awaits her there!

The game will have several bloody scenes and screamers!

Try our grandmother survival simulator in a horrible haunted house!

We plan to improve the game and add a lot of new!

Good luck

Intro:Steerner,Martell and William Ekh
Outro:Gravity Against The Current(Nightcore Version)

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