Супер! NaVi vs NaVi US #3 bo3 The Summit Lan Finals Dota 2 RUS

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Beyond the Summit is proud to announce plans to host "The Summit", our first ever Dota 2 offline tournament. From June 5-8, six of the best teams in the world will descend upon the BTS Studio and duke it out for a base prize pool of $50,000. Na'Vi and DK have been directly invited to the LAN Finals based on their outstanding performance in major tournaments over the past four months (Na'Vi in SLTV VII, Dreamleague, & SLTV VIII, and DK in WPC-ACE & G-League).

To fill the remaining four slots at the global LAN Finals, BTS will host online qualifiers across three major regions: America, Europe, & Asia. Qualifier play will begin in April and continue into early May. All teams attending the LAN Finals will receive substantial travel support. Additionally, 25% of all Dota 2 purchases for the event will go directly towards increasing the prize pool. More details on opportunities for fans to contribute to the prize pool through Dota 2 will be announced in the coming weeks.

For its first major live event, Beyond the Summit will venture into uncharted territory for Dota 2 by running more an intimate, "behind the scenes" style tournament from their studio house in Los Angeles. When players aren't actively competing, they will enjoy a much more active role in the broadcast than what is normally seen at a traditional live event. Ultimately, BTS wants to give players a platform to connect more directly with fans and to share the personalities, insight, & humor behind the names.