Bit-O-BitX Homebrew QRP SSB Transceiver

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QRP Homebrew SSB transceiver using bidirectional amplifiers designed by Wes Hayword, W7ZOI and Bob Kopski, K3NHI. Mic amp and 2 watt power amp designed by Dave Benson, K1SWL. Circuit boards and other kits are part of the RF Toolkits From W8DIZ at
The DDS VFO is an FCC-1/2 from and the LPF kit is from:

Dave Benson, NN1G, “A Single-Board QRP
SSB Transceiver for 20 or 75 Meters,” QST,
Apr 1997, pp 29-33.

The idea for this transceiver came from Ashhar Fahran's BitX20 farhan/