10 Vampyr Tips And Tricks To Rule The Night

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Vampyr gets easier the more lives you take, but if you want to get through without killing everyone, here are our tips and tricks. Our Vampyr guide talks you through the best upgrades, the best weapons, tells you where to find all the cures for illness and how to get the most XP out of each character.

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With our Vampyr beginners guide you’ll learn about why you shouldn’t spread your upgrades too thin, find out about the best Vampyr ability in the game and how to make the most of your stealth moves. We’ve also got a sneaky combat combo that will make life much easier. Of course, we want to hear your own tips, so please do suggest them in the comments below. In case you're wondering this is Vampyr PC gameplay.

Oh, and if you’re looking for the trapped citizen locations mentioned in the video, they can be found:

Oswald Thatcher is the sewers under the hospital - you gain access during the story: a/vfLtjv6

Cadogan Bates has to be rescued inside this building found in Whitechapel: a/MrO5SHp

Hsiao Shun is trapped in the cemetery at this location: a/SyUHeGH

Archer Woodbead is trapped in the docklands, here on the map: a/9dRr7qY