R/D/S - TECHIES - Бум! Минер! Бум! [Dota 2 Song]

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Песня про Минера (Течиса) :) TECHIES - Бум! Минер! Бум! [Dota 2 Song]. Это одиннадцатая серия из шоу RAP/DOTA/STORY (R/D/S), которое расскажет вам историю героев и персонажей игры Дота 2. В этой песне (song) рассказывается о минере, трех братьях расставляющих мины и взрывающих все подряд включая себя в Dota 2 - Techies (Goblin Techies). Текст песни и саму песню в аудио варианте можно найти в паблике вконтакта.
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The Techies are as yet unreleased heroes (slated for release after The International 2014).
Having little direct combat ability, the Techies have an unorthodox, if effective, method of dealing damage to the enemy team in the form of powerful laid explosive mines and stasis traps that enable other heroes to set up a gank or retreat. Their mines, set across key points of the map -and even less conventional locations- are an effective method of denying area and guaranteeing damage if enemies dare to initiate.
They have an even more bizarre ability in the form of their Suicide Squad, Attack! which causes them to violently explode and die but deal massive damage (at early - mid game) in a moderate area of effect.
The unique mechanics of the mines mean that the Techies utilise mechanics not used by any other hero, including preemptive mine concaves and such strong area denial that they actively play a large role in securing the area controlled by friendly heroes.
The Techies have statistics aligned to those of semi-carries, but largely play a passive, defensive role throughout the game. Their unique utility is slowly lost throughout the later part of the game, but as with other supports their long cooldown ability Suicide Squad can still be quite effective.

guide techies или как играть минером? что собирать и вообще гайд на минера течиса, ядерный взрыв
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